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Startrails over Cerro Tronador, Patagonia

Here is a shot that took about one hour to prepare (not including the 6 hr drive and 5 hr hike/ski :) and 16 minutes to take. This is Cerro Tronador, an extinct volcano (though the area is still quite active) of 3400m/11,000ft. It sticks 1500m /5000ft above all neighbouring mountains and is covered in […]

Surinam family in French Guyana

During the civil/jungle war in Surinam in the 1980’s many people fled to neighbouring French Giuana. Only the mother of this family still speaks a bit of Dutch, the kids never learnt it. This friendly bunch took us into their homes for the night even giving us a place to sleep and food to eat, […]

Porters on Baltoro Glacier with K2 in back

Taken at the Baltoro glacier crossroads, a group of porters are taking a break while K2 is standing proud at the horizon… ————- I am using my photography to promote our Solar light project, replacing toxic kerosene lights by solar-powered LED lights. Please seeA http://flexiwaysolar.comA for more info and get your own lights as well (delivery now […]

Sunrise from Vallenaraju, Peru

Cordillera Blanca, Peru, at dawn.

Ojos de Caburga, Chile, Patagonia

This was shot in a wonderful place in Chilean Northern Patagonia, and is called the Ojos de Caburga (Ojos=Eyes in Spanish, Caburga is the name of the nearby town.) I don’t do much HDR normally, but I thought this would be suitable. It is a wonderful set of waterfalls, ending up in the same pool […]

Mount Fitzroy from Laguna de Los Tres, Argentina, Patagonia

I am slowly going through my many shots from a recent Patagonia trip. Here is a iconic shot from El Chalten, better known as Mount Fitzroy (El Chalten is still the name of the nearby town). I hiked up late in the afternoon and bivouacked the night at the Laguna de los Tres, so I […]

Mount Fitzroy from Laguna de Los Tres, Patagonia

I am slowly going through my many shots from a recent Patagonia trip. Here is a iconic shot from El Chalten, better known as Mount Fitzroy (El Chalten is still the name of the nearby town). I hiked up late in the afternoon and bivouacked the night at the Laguna de los Tres, so I […]

Iceberg near Grey Glacier, Patagonia

It’sA #sciencesundayA ! Glaciar Grey is a huge glacier in the Torres del Paine National Park. As the glacier is moving and ends in a body of water, parts break off and form icebergs like the one above. It is impressive to carefully boat around these, as normally around 89% is hidden beneath the surface… What is […]

Sunrise from Chimborazo, Ecuador

This image was shot in the early morning at the point farthest away from the center of the earth -> Mt Chimborazo in Ecuador, just before sunrise. The mighty glacier-covered volcanoes Cotopaxi, Cayambe & Antisana can be seen on the horizon… ————– (I am using my photography to get attention for my project that will […]

Makalu from Mount Everest after sunrise

One of my most popular images on ExposedPlanet is the image of Makalu at sunrise, taken from the 3rd step of Everest. Makalu is the 5th highest mountain on earth, so there are not too many places from where you can look down on it. I had taken a second image, a while later and […]

Brian Laundrie - update: Police deny new rumours about DNA of discovered remains

Latest updates as investigation continues

Professor claims she was fired for calling Mike Pence ademon moutha on Twitter

Former professor argues First Amendment anot just for professors whose politics match up with their college administratorsa

Alec Baldwin shooting a latest: Police to hold news conference as charges remain aon the table,a report says

Latest updates as investigation into shooting continues

Julius Jones life adanglinga in legal limbo as Oklahoma resumes executions: aHe deserves to be hearda

Oklahoma will begin executing inmates this week, leaving Julius Jones and other death row inmates with an ongoing constitutional case against the state uncertain about their future. Josh Marcus writes from Oklahoma

Alec Baldwin shooting: Santa Fe district attorney says criminal charges are aon the tablea

District attorney says criminal charges would take aweeks, if not monthsa in Rust film set shooting

Ex-Clinton aide Huma Abedin says she was sexually assaulted by US senator but repressed memory for years

She claims she was forcibly kissed by unnamed senator on couch after being asked up for coffee

Donald Trump Jr compares modern US to his childhood memories of bread lines in Czechoslovakia

One-term presidentas son made comments amid increasing food prices

Family of Indigenous woman who shot dead alleged rapist ain self defencea appeals to judge for mercy

Federal judge could sentence Maddesyn George to up to 17 years in jail, writes Andrew Buncombe

Republicans accused of meeting with 6 January organisers could be called on to testify

aWe want to talk everybody whoas got information related to all of those things and so that includes elected officials. It includes anyone who has information to give usa

Prince Andrew's lawyer wants to keep 2009 legal deal sealed

Prince Andrew's lawyer has asked a New York judge to keep sealed a 2009 legal agreement that he says can protect Andrew against a lawsuit's claims that he sexually assaulted an American woman when she was under 18

What really happened in Loudoun County? How a claim of sexual assault fuelled a culture war

School bathroom sexual assault case seized on by right despite no evidence that attackeras gender was a factor

Child whose skeletal remains were found in Texas house of horrors with abandoned children died by homicide

The child suffered homicidal violence with multiple blunt force injuries, authorities reveal

At least five former Trump staffers have talked to the Capitol riot committee, report says

January 6 committee lawyers conducting outreach to large number of former Trump officials

Senate confirms Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake to ambassador posts

The Senate has confirmed two prominent anti-Trump Republicans to serve in the Biden administration

FDA advisory panel recommends Pfizer Covid vaccine for children aged between five and 11

The age group will receive a one-third shot if it is finally approved

Alex Murdaugh and his son accused of selling off assets to hide their millions from lawsuits

New court documents claim powerful attorney is moving money and selling off property, stocks and a $115,000 boat through his son Buster

Eleven lions at Denver Zoo test positive for Covid after keepers saw them coughing and sneezing

Outbreak comes weeks after two lions tested positive for virus

Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial says lawyers cannot refer to two people he's accused of killing as 'victims'

aThe word avictima is a loaded, loaded word. And I think aalleged victima is a cousin to it,a judge argues

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